Have you ever slept between bales of straw, under a green roof, tucked between olive and almond trees? It's a luxury!

A unique stay

After a long day exploring the wonderful villages and the spectacular natural beauty of the Matarraña there is no better place to relax than in a hostel in the middle of nature, made of straw bales of the area without the use of any glue or chemical paints and heated with geothermal energy.


The rooms

Live naturally

Mas del Bot has been built following an ecological philosophy, taking into account its sustainability and using ecological materials from the area. It represents a new vision of life with respect for the environment, creating a natural and healthy space

The services

We live frenetically and need to recharge our energies and for this we have prepared some anti-stress rooms

Mas del Bot has four double rooms and one superior room. Each has a bathroom, living room and terrace. All the rooms have been built with local straw bales that are supported with wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council without the use of chemical glue. The straw bales create a natural insulation during all seasons of the year.

The roof of Mas del Bot is unique and natural. It is made of earth and reduces the need for air conditioning during the summer, reducing CO2 emissions. It also contributes to biodiversity, as well as filtering pollutants and CO2 from the air.

The geothermal system is located below ground, and uses the thermal properties of the earth to heat or cool the hotel in a very efficient way. Installing this geothermal system in an ordinary home would save 10 tons of carbon per year, the equivalent of planting 750 trees per year!

The rebound that has been used in the construction is completely natural - a mixture of mud, sand and straw with no chemicals. All the paint that has been used has been made with natural products and without chemicals. The exterior of the hotel has been painted with a mixture of lime, linseed oil and egg white to insulate it from water

The area


16€ per person

Enjoy every morning a breakfast made with love and the best ingredients of the area.

Includes coffee or tea, selection of toast with bread served with a variety of homemade jams and butter, natural seasonal juice, Serrano ham and cheese, seasonal fruit, homemade yogurt and croissants.



We know that it is difficult nowadays to live without connection so we offer free Wi-fi for all Mas del Bot tenants. Being in the middle of nature the connection is sometimes not stable, even using the latest technologies.