Mas del Bot is a boutique hotel with four double rooms. Each one has its own bathroom, sitting room and terrace. All of the rooms have been constructed with local straw bales supported by wooden beams certified Forest Steward Council without the use of chemicalñ glues, paints or varnishes. The straw bales create a natural insulation throughout all the seasons.

The green roofat Mas del Bot is unique and natural. It is covered with earth and reduces the need to use air conditioning in the summer creating a cooler space aturally and therefore reducing CO2 emissions.

The geothermal heating system works by pumping water (cold or hot) through the floors and uses the thermal properties of the earth to heat and cool the hotel efficiently. Instalations of this type in a normal home can save 10 tonnes of carbon per year, equivalent to planting 750 trees ! 

The plasters used in the construction are completely natural, a mixture of clay, sand and small pieces of straw without any chemical products. All the paints that have been used are produced with natural products. The exterior of the hotel has been painted with a mixture of lime, linseed oil and eggs to protect the bales from the rain.